007 Legends: Missed Opportunity?

by admin on October 17, 2012

007 Legends is out this week. The game features scenes from 6 different Bond films. The levels have different Bond bad guys, and also feature some of Bond’s girls as well. My first reaction to the concept was excitement. What fan of the Bond franchise wouldn’t want a grand tour of the franchise? A truly ambitious project, one with a scope great enough to wrap around the sheer magnitude of a 50 year old film franchise that has entertained generations of fans would be magnificent.

Unfortunately, this isn’t it:
007legends logo

First off, you only get to play one Bond. Daniel Craig is a great Bond, possibly the best since Sean Connery. No, he is the best since Sean Connery. Fans of the Bond franchise often think of Bond as this super rich playboy if they haven’t seen Connery’s wor. They aren’t aware that suave and sophisticated was only half the performance. Connery was dangerous and you believed in him as a killer. Craig is the first Bond since him to capture that edge and he has really reinvigorated the franchise.

So no complaints with him in a lead role:

But really, part of the mystique of the Bond franchise is the chameleon quality that has kept it going for 1/2 century.

So while Craig is great, wouldn’t my game experience be better if I could select him to play instead?


Or him, although let’s face it as Bond he was a bit of a fop?
Roger Moore

No. You only get one Bond for the whole game. And that’s just, well, kind of lame. The developers version skims through 6 Bond flicks making a game that is just sort of OK with one Bond driving one car with one basic set of gear. My perfect world version would be far more ambitious, entertaining, and worth playing.

First, I want to be able to select as my avatar any Bond. Make me earn it if you have to, but at least build the option into the game. And I want a garage like I get in driving games that I can fill up with every Bond car from every Bond flick.

What’s the point of playing Bond if I can’t have this:
Aston DB5

And this:
Bond Aston

And this:
Casino Royale Aston

Or even this:

What about gear? I want access to every piece of Bond tech from every Bond movie. Again, let me fill it up as I go through levels, but at least give me the option. And speaking of going through levels, why did you cram 6 movies into one game? This should be a series, with each film getting a full treatment. The Bond game franchise is nearly as popular as the films, sometimes more so (Goldeneye anyone?). In a perfect world we’d have access to every Bond in every car with every piece of gear facing off against every villain in a completely immersed cinematic experience.

Instead, we get this:
007legends logo

And you know what? It’s not bad. The graphics are underwhelming, the game play is fair at best, but all in all it’s an OK game. Not a great one, not a legendary game like Goldeneye, but an OK game. And that’s fine, most of my games are OK, not legendary and most are worth the cash I paid for them anyways. But a series of 50th anniversary Bond game featuring the full scope of the franchise’s history could have been so much more. And for that reason, I have to call this one a missed opportunity.

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